Peter Francisco – Remarkable Richmonders

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This post is about the Virginia Giant, American Revolutionary War Hero, and most notable Portuguese person in Richmond’s history; Peter Francisco. His feats of strength and bravery are legend… and may or not have had the legend grow around the initial feats. Either way, this “Hercules of the Revolution,” through his actions, left a big mark on the American historical landscape….

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Hop On Bus Tour from 5/29/2016

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This past Sunday we did a private hop on bus tour for a group of Portugese-Americans from New Jersey… we made it a point to talk about Richmond’s most famous Portuguese-American, the Giant of the American Revolution, Peter Francisco. The tour was 3 hours: we started off with a walk around Historic Church Hill, did 1 hour of driving tour…

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James & Sallie May Dooley of Maymont – Remarkable Richmonders

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The cold winds have ceased, the ice has thawed and the sun has finally decided to grace Virginia with its presence. Summer time is in full swing. Locals and tourists alike are finding their warm weather clothes and looking for places to enjoy nature. Luckily, if you’re in Richmond you don’t need to travel far. The illustrious Maymont estate has…

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James Branch Cabell – Remarkable Richmonders

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James Branch Cabell was a Richmond author of fifty-two books, including an eighteen book series and many other publications in genres such as fantasy, science fiction, comedy, satire and various works of genealogy. This rather shy, yet talented southern gentlemen’s life was filled with scandal and drama, which would lead him to briefly become a household name before returning to…

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Photos: African Americans in 1899 Richmond Taken for World’s Fair Exhibition

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Since it’s Black History Month and I’ve been raiding the Library of Congress website, I thought I would share these awesome photos of the African-American community in Richmond from 1899. You see, in 1900 there was a World’s Fair held in Paris and WEB Dubois, Thomas Calloway, and several African-American colleges put together an exhibit called “Exhibition of the American…

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Dr. William Foushee – Remarkable Richmonders

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Largely forgotten by history outside of Richmond history buffs, Dr. William Foushee was Richmond’s first Mayor, first citizen, and very much a contemporary of famous founders such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and was held in similar high regard. Dr. Foushee was the descendant of French Huguenots (French Protestants who fled France during the Reformation and were given asylum…

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Historical Hobbies: Antique Bottle Collecting

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One man’s trash from 100 years ago, is another man’s treasure today. Today’s topic is antique bottle collecting as a hobby. Richmond has a deep history. This history is preserved and bequeathed by official entities such as university historians, museums, historic sites, and preservation organizations. Also filling this role are several layperson historians, antiquarians, bloggers, and (of course) tour guides….

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Be a Tourist in Your Own City

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I often have to go to different places either for business purposes or just personal purposes and I tell people what I do. The most common thing that I hear (other than: “wait, so how do you make money?”) is “You know, I have never been here for X number of years and I’ve never been on a tour of…

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“De Sun Do Move” by Reverend John Jasper – Remarkable Richmonders

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With some interesting logic, Reverend John Jasper of Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church managed to preach a sermon so compelling that it connected Whites and African-Americans across the United States in appreciation of a Bible-based logical argument to prove that the Sun rotates around the Earth; disproving the theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun that so-called “scientists,” or as he called them, “Philosophers” of the time endorsed. Rev….

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Italianate | Architectural Styles of Richmond

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The next article in the Richmond Tour Guys Free Walking Tour of Richmond series on architectural styles of Richmond is on the Italianate style. Last time we talked about the Greek Revival Style. Italianate is the architectural craze that dethroned it as the style du jour (yes, I used French because it felt right when talking about fine art!) The Greek…

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Greek Revival Architecture – Architectural Styles of Richmond

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This is post number one about architectural styles of Richmond, a series which, you guessed it, covers the various architectural styles of Richmond! You ever notice all of those doric columns that exist all over Richmond? Perhaps public buildings that look a lot like Greek temples? This is called, simply enough, “Greek Revival Architecture.”  It was the most popular architectural…

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Edgar Allan Poe in Richmond VA

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Poe In Richmond!?! Most people associate the iconic American author Edgar Allen Poe with Baltimore. But anybody who has seen “The Following” knows that Richmond was the site of his childhood, adolescence, and many of the events that shaped his grim prose. Poe’s (very attractive, judging by the picture on the right) mother, actress Elizabeth Poe, married a young Richmond actor David…

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Historic Photos of Richmond VA

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It’s a beautiful day here in Richmond. I thought I would share some historic photos of Richmond VA’s past so that you locals and visitors can see what it looked like before you take the tour. This are all public domain photos from the National Archives and the Library of Congress, so feel free to use them…. and of course…

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Suffragette Lila Meade Valentine (1865-1921) – Remarkable Richmonders

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In my tour we pass by the Valentine House (current home of the Richmond History Center. Technically the competition, but I like them, so I’ll give them a shout). This Remarkable Richmonder is one half of that Valentine equation…. Lila Meade Valentine (1865-1921) is one of the lesser known leaders in the women’s suffrage movement in the early 20th century. At…

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Richmond and Virginia in the Movement for American Independence

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As I undertook my 4th of July week tradition of watching the second episode of the HBO Series John Adams starring Paul Giamatti where the Continental congress signs the Declaration for Independence, I thought for the first time since watching about Virginia, and specifically Richmond’s role in this. Richmond was not the capital of Virginia at the time; it was in Williamsburg,…

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On the Route: The Putney Houses

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This a post is about the Putney houses, a site that we pass on our free walking tour of Richmond VA. Chances are that, if you’re a native of Richmond, you’ve walked or driven by these houses on Marshall St downtown, and not given them a second thought. Well, with like many things in downtown Richmond former Courts End neighborhood…

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Amazing post with all the goodies

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Auctor consectetur ligula gravida

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Magna fringilla condimentum

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Mattis non pellentesque vel

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