Q: What is the recommended contribution for a tour?
A: These tours are “pay what you feel the tour is worth.” Comparable tours run $20 per person and still ask for a tip. Your contribution is completely voluntary, and is what sustains the Richmond Tour Guys Free Walking Tours and our guides.

Q: Can I do both a Downtown Tour and Church Hill Tour on the same day?
A: If there are two free walking tours scheduled for that day then yes, we would love to see you at two tours in a day! Please ensure when you are making your reservation that the days and times of the tours you are booking do not overlap, as we do occasionally have multiple times available for each tour daily.
Q: How long and strenuous are the tours?
A: All of the tours are approximately 2 hours, depending on questions and the size of the group. A group of 30 tends to move slower than a group of 15. None of the tours are particularly strenuous as we endeavor to keep them on flat ground. The least strenuous is the Capital Square walking tour, though there are some steps.
Q: Are the tours wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes and no. The Downtown Walking Tour is the most accessible with lower curbs and lots of wheel chair ramps since there’s a lot of building around there. Church Hill is wheel-chair able except for St. John’s Church as we don’t have access to their elevator and there are some cobblestones involved with Church Hill. The Shockoe Bottom Tour is not recommended for those with wheelchairs. Capital and Capital Square tour are wheel-chair accessible, but there is a hill involved.
Q: Where do the tours end?
A: The Downtown tour ends where it begins at the Richmond Region Visitor’s Center. The Church Hill tour ends at Patrick Henry Park, across from where it begins. Shockoe Bottom ends at Main St. Train Station, a 5 minute walk from where it began.
Q: What if I can’t find the guide?
A: Please check your ticket date and time to make sure you have arrived on the correct day and in the correct meeting place.  The tour guide will try and show up 5 – 10 minutes before and will be holding a sign that says “Free Walking Tour” where the tour begins, however please call 804-263-7914 if you have any questions or concerns.
Q: Is there an age limit for the tour?
A: The tours are kid-friendly, and we welcome guests of all ages! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about a guest’s ability to attend the tour.


Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: Easy! Click the “Book Now” button on the front page or the tour information pages. Select the desired day/time. On the booking page, select the day and amount of tickets you want, and fill in the requested information. A ticket confirmation will be sent to you via email.
Q: Can I show up without a ticket or when it’s sold out?
A: Yes. If you show up without a ticket or when the tour is sold out, you will be on “stand by”. If the tour guide is able to get you a spot on the tour while also obeying the tour limitations, he/she will be happy to do so – however we are unable to guarantee you a spot in this situation. Also, if nobody has reserved a spot ahead of time, the guide may not show up; so even though the tour is free, please reserve ahead of time.
Q: Can I reschedule or cancel my reservation?
A: Yes. As a courtesy to others, please cancel or reschedule your reservation as far in advance in possible so others may book your spots if needed.
Q: I don’t see the date I’m interested in listed on the Calendar?
A: Tours do not always run every day, depending on the season and availability. Our available tours follow the Tour Calendar available on our webpage. There are no tours offered on days which are not listed on the Tour Calendar.
Q: How far in advance can I purchase a ticket?
A: Tour dates and times are typically posted a minimum of 1 month in advance. Check back if you don’t see your dates listed yet.
Q: Do I need to print my tickets and bring them with me?
A: No. It isn’t necessary to bring a paper copy of your tickets with you, as the tour guide will have an electronic guest list available to them and will check you in.

More questions? Send us an email! 

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